Current as of 12-06-2004


Hereís the revamped Commission Horror story page. For those unfamiliar with this sagaóseveral years ago I attempted to commission various artists to do one or two illustrations for a novella I wrote, with the idea of eventually printing a deluxe version with color illustrations.At this point Iíve pretty much stopped trying to get commissions out of people, partly because I think I have enough pictures to do the project, and partly because Iím sick to death of dealing with flakey artists.Iíve had artists run off with my money, lie to me, vanish without a trace, refuse to answer my emails, do a picture copied from something else, and generally make this whole project a huge headache.And before you say ďOh, well what do you expect from FURRY FAN artists,Ē Iíll add that several of these people are well-known professionals that have done work for WoTC or non-furry comics.The ones that actually were good to work with, that finished the pictures, could be identified as furry fans.I still keep my eye on FurBid in case an artist I like puts a commission up, but Iíve been burned so many times Iím being very careful about who I give money to.In several cases the artist listed did pictures as part of an art trade with me, instead of a paid commission.


Completed (* indicates I canít use the picture in the book because itís off-topic)

In Progress

Dead (never completed, turned down, and/or artist vanished)



Artist 1: 1 color picture, 3 small B&W cameo illos.

Artist 2

Artist 3: 2 color illos

Artist 4

Artist 5: Money eventually refunded after several years.

Artist 6

Artist 7: One color illo.

Artist 8: Several B&W toned illos, all completed.

Artist 9

Artist 10

Artist 11: The picture was delivered, but is unusable.Badly executed, off-model, with a pose copied from a previously existing picture by another artist.

Artist 12: One color illo.

Artist 13: A FurBid commission win, where the artist stopped answering emails after the first couple.If this person ever tries auctioning off another commission, Iím going to post a big olí message relating my experience with them.

Artist 14 *

Artist 15: Three B&W illos.

Artist 16

Artist 17 *

Artist 18 one color picture and two B&W illustrations


Not included in the main listing:  One artist who did a couple of pictures unsolicited, but still pretty good and will be used.  Another artist who offered to do some work, but after I sent a copy of the story to be illustrated, I never heard back from them.


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