Other publications:

Iím not going to list every single comic or fanzine that Iíve

published work in, but here are some notable onesÖ.


Yarf! #28 contains a long illustrated article by me about some of the history of Jack Salemís world.  This article appears nowhere else.

Yarf!  #22 contains an earlier, shorter article about the present structure of Jack Salemís world.


I had a number of comics and single illustrations appear in Yarf! from issue #10 up through issue 48 or so.  Most of those are reprints of material that appeared in Huzzah or Rowrbrazzle, but thereís a few things that are original to the book.

Every issue of Huzzah (except for one) contains work by me.  About half of it is original, and the other half was reprinted elsewhere.

I was a member of the apa Ďzine Rowrbrazzle from issue #12 thru the mid-30ís (I think).  Most of the issues from #12 thru the 20ís would contain work by me.

New Horizons #5: I have a comic in this written by Brock Hoagland and inked by Steve Addlesee.  Some pencils from this were printed in Huzzah, but other than that this story is original to the magazine.

Furrlough:  Iíve had a lot of material appear in this over the years, mostly reprints from Huzzah or Rowrbrazzle.


Genus #29: One long story written by Paul Kidd, and a couple of single-page comics.

Women in Fur 1998 & 2001: One short comic in both, one of which previously appeared in Huzzah.

Confurence 7 & 10, ComiCon International 1998 & 2003, and Further Confusion 2004 con program books.  Various illustrations.

Managazine vol 2 number 1: Contains a long Mighty Tiny comic written by Fred Patten and drawn by me.  This was my first published work (1989), and appeared nowhere else.