Forthcoming works:

Current as of 02-10-07

Griffin Ranger (second half)

The first of the novels I'm going to try writing, set in a completely different universe than my other work. The first half is completed, I'll be writing the second half over the spring and summer.

Wild Cats of the World card deck

A collaborative project I'm spearheading: a custom-printed deck of playing cards featuring all the wild cats of the world, as portrayed by over 25 of the best artists working within the fandom.  This is scheduled for release at FC 2008.  My LiveJournal will be reporting further updates on this as they happen.

The City of Ice #5

The layouts are complete, but production may not start until the summer, depending on when Griffin Ranger is finished..

Harpy's Bad Day

Another in the Salem & Harpy City of Ice stories, this will be yet another exercise in excessive violence and black humor.  This has been pushed back on the schedule, because, honestly, how many more stories does the world need about Salem and Harpy going around killing people?  Of course, if anyone actually wants to see more stories like this, please let me know.  I really don't have a clue about whether anyone reads this stuff or not.


The Barren Land: This is the most fully developed, and except for some additional research I need to do, is ready to go. This book can't really be categorized, except maybe as science fantasy; a hybrid of Dean Koontz's Watchers and the Watership Down genre, with my pinko-commie animal rights sentiments thrown in.

Untitled animal novel: A straightforward animal-fantasy story in the Watership Down vein, about an escaped Cape Hunting Dog in the wilds of America.